Laser Treatment
in Fredericksburg


Laser Pigmentation in Fredericksburg

Uneven skin tone can be treated with our GentleMax Pro® laser.

Laser breaks unwanted pigment into smaller particles that are then absorbed by the body. Treatment area can be targeted to specific spots or more generalized to address areas like the face or décolleté. Spots initially become darker as pigment is pulled from deeper layers of the skin. There can be a bit of swelling at the site as well as redness. Photo Facials are recommended in a series of three consecutive treatments spaced about one month apart.

  • Results are noticeable within one week 
  • No downtime 
  • Fast and effective 
  • No redness 
  • No pain 
  • Topical numbing cream is applied so the treatment is comfortable 
  • It will not look and feel like a sunburn.
  • Dark spots may initially appear darker for about a week 
  • Can be covered with concealer right away if wanted 
  • Results will be seen in about a week. It takes about a week for the darkening to fade. 
  • Full face treatment 
  • Only one treatment needed for results

Photofacial Before & After Photos

Full face, photofacial treatment of hyperpigmentation using GentlemaxPro. Photos taken two weeks apart.