Microwave Ablation

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If you have been diagnosed with liver, kidney, lung or bone cancer, but you are not a good candidate for surgery because of your other medical conditions or age, you may want to consider Microwave Ablation (MWA). VIVA will soon offer this treatment to patients who would otherwise be forced to travel to Washington or Baltimore for it.

Once specialized equipment is installed locally, the Interventional Radiologists at VIVA will be the only imaging physicians in the region who perform this treatment. During a Microwave Ablation, our doctors will use a CT scanner to precisely locate a tumor and then guide a specialized needle-like probe into it. Microwaves are sent through the probe, heating the tumor. Research and experience indicates that tumor cells can be killed if they are brought to a temperature not too much higher than normal body temperature (113 degrees).

Although this procedure is normally performed at Mary Washington Hospital, patients do not normally require hospitalization after Microwave Ablation. In most cases, patients require only conscious sedation. There is minimal risk to patients and they typically experience little or no pain.

MWA can be used to treat both large tumors and those as small as 2mm. Tumors reoccur less frequently with Microwave Ablation, as compared to other treatments. The procedure can be repeated if new cancer appears.

Four Interventional Radiologists at VIVA will perform this treatment: Dr. Jaime All, Dr. Don Doherty, Dr. Samer Hijaz and Dr. John Statler. To find out if you are a candidate for Microwave Ablation, contact your primary care doctor or VIVA.