VIVA conveniently positioned to treat PAD

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Do you experience pain in your legs when walking, resting or at night?  If so, you might suffer from Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD).

Eight to 10 million Americans suffer from PAD, characterized by poor blood flow to their arms, legs or feet.  It can result from smoking, diabetes, longstanding high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, advanced age or high cholesterol. It can lead to vascular disease, amputation or worse.  PAD accounts for the majority of leg and foot amputations in the United States.

In addition, PAD has systemic, whole body, implications that can result in heart disease and heart attack, stroke and cerebrovascular disease.

VIVA physicians provide a full range of PAD treatments and can perform the most appropriate procedure for each patient. These procedures range from surgical bypass, angioplasty and stenting to relatively new procedures including laser atherectomy, cryoplasty and rotational atherectomy.

VIVA is uniquely positioned regionally to treat PAD patients.  Many PAD treatments can be conveniently performed at the VIVA offices, rather than in a hospital.

The region’s only two vascular surgeons, Dr. Larry Koenig III and Dr. Victor J. D’Addio, are members of the VIVA staff.  Their training and experience enable them to perform a wide range of PAD treatments, including leading-edge hybrid surgical procedures.

“Hybrid procedures combine traditional “open” surgery with stenting and angioplasty, providing a better solution in complicated cases,” Dr. Koenig said.

If you suffer from PAD symptoms, you should consult your family physician or call VIVA whose physicians offer simple, painless tests to diagnose PAD.  In addition to recommending the most suitable treatment option(s), the VIVA doctors may recommend some lifestyle changes.

“Ninety-nine percent of the PAD patients I see are smokers,” Dr. Koenig said.  In addition to smoking cessation, other possible lifestyle changes could include a healthy diet, exercise and weight loss.

“With the treatment and lifestyle changes, as warranted, PAD patients can look forward to an improved quality of life,” Dr. Koenig said.

PAD is a disease of the whole body. That pain in your legs — that poor blood flow in your legs – is happening in your heart (heart attack) and your brain (stroke). That pain can lead to loss of leg and life. But your legs are warning you. You’ve got plenty of living left. So see your doctor. Stop smoking. Eat right. Exercise. Get the arteries fixed. And enjoy that living – long and pain free.