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5 Things You Need to Know About Arterial Disease

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When it comes to arterial diseases, knowing the symptoms and risks can increase your life expectancy and provide more years of mobility and enjoyment. Arterial disease occurs when plaque builds up in your arteries. Normally, your arteries deliver oxygen-rich blood to different parts of the body. With plaque build-up, however, these passages can become blocked. Here are the top five …

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What is Venous Disease?

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Also known as venous insufficiency, venous disease is usually associated with varicose veins and leg heaviness. In simplest terms, it is a lack of blood flow towards the heart from the legs. What causes venous disease? There are two main types of vessels in the body; you can think of them as plumbing. Arteries take blood from the heart to …

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What is Arterial Disease?

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Arterial disease in its most basic form is the result of fatty plaque deposits blocking your blood vessels. This prevents blood cells from properly circulating to important body parts, such as the heart and brain. Arterial disease is often an underlying cause of heart attacks, strokes, and other potentially fatal medical conditions. Arterial disease affects millions of people in the …

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Kidney Disease: A Story of Hope

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Most people are not aware that kidney disease affects 30 million American adults, and millions more are at an increased risk of developing kidney disease in their lifetime. In addition, the number of children affected by kidney disease is equally concerning. The National Kidney Foundation has published these sobering statistics: Approximately 18 to 58 out of one million children has …